We in the Star Empire strive to create and maintain a fun and friendly place for all players to band together for missions throughout multiple games, with group play being the main goal. We in the Star Empire Gaming Association feel that when we are in the same group, clan or team in a particular game it not only offers the most enjoyment but a higher rate of success for those missions.

In the "SEGA" there are three pillars we strive to uphold.
1. Honor
2. Trust
3. Camaraderie
Along with the three pillars this community will always try make its decisions based on the willingness and approval of its members so long as friendship and loyalty exists within the Team speak environment.
Within any community there are rules and/or procedures that need to be followed to maintain the status quo. Below are those regulations called the Code of Honor for the "SEG".
1. If a game is considered to be a game the group wants to play, an official server or instance will need to be designated buy the group before a reasonable amount of time has passed.
2. In order to maintain unit cohesion there must be a consensus. If a game we are interested in playing involves instancing or servers that might potentially split the community and significant time investment, the community as a whole must decide which server it is to play on.
a. There may be circumstances that warrant teams of friends forming their own tribes; this is admissible, but only as long as said tribes/Clans stay in the same instance as the rest of the group.
3. Official Guild Servers or Instances if we decide to play a game that can potentially divide the community, the members of leadership with recommendations from all members will decide a server or instance that is considered to be an "Official Guild Server" or "Instance". This is the server we will play on and we will promote to new and old members of the Community.
4. "At no time shall players be invited to or convinced of joining other servers that the guild has not designated to be official" (see Betrayal).
5. Playing on servers other than the one designated will not be permitted in the "SEGA".

------Amendment A----- Where you spend your time outside of the "SEGA" is your business, it will not be considered any form of violation we understand you have friends elsewhere you want to play other games with that "SEGA" might not be involved in. who you decided to hang out with or game with is your business. But at no time should you invite or give out information to other members of the "SEGA" encouraging them to join you in your adventures that would involve members spending significant time away from the "SEGA" . What we do encourage you to do tho is invite your friends to play those games here with us rather then you spending significant time elsewhere.

These following will here by be considered the highest forms of Violation of rules and will apply to every member of "SEG". Knowingly breaking these rules will be considered a severe Violation and will be handled accordingly. These are in Direct Violation of the Code of Honor:
• Sabotage --- Deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct ("SEG"), especially for political or military advantage.
• Mutiny --- An open rebellion against the Guild Leadership, especially by members or team speak members or affiliates against these for mentioned rules. Refusal to obey the orders of a person in authority is also considered mutiny by definition.
• Treason --- The action of betraying someone or something.
• Betrayal --- Betrayal is the breaking or violation of a presumptive contract, trust, or confidence that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations.
o This includes POACHING in all its forms. (Inviting someone to play a different game is not considered poaching as long as it does not conflict with # 4)
Although there maybe circumstances where a person or persons may unknowingly breaking these rules they will be made aware, and expected to act accordingly moving forward.
We ask that if you feel you are unable to follow these simple moral rules that are a natural part of society we would rather you not be part of the "SEG". Thank you for your interest.

-----------The Star Empire Gaming Code Of Conduct---------

As in our past, we are dedicated to the Core Values of Honor, Trust, and Respect to build the foundation of trust and leadership upon which our strength is in our members.These principles on which the "SEGA" were founded continue to guide us today. Every member of "SEG" must understand and live by our Core Values. For more than 7 years, vetran members of "SEG" have stood ready to help new members excell in there gameplay with teamwork and hands on knowledge. We are ready today to carry out any mission, deter conflict around the galaxy, and if called upon to fight, be victorious. We will be faithful to our Core Values of Honor, Trust, and Respect as our abiding duty and privilege.

I am accountable for my professional and personal behavior. I will be mindful of the privilege's I have to serve my fellow Guild members I will:

Abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, taking full responsibility for my actions and keeping my word.

Conduct myself in the highest ethical manner in relationships with all members of "SEGA".

Be honest and truthful in my dealings within and outside the relm of "SEG".


Honor with confidence and resolution, even in the face of temptation or adversity. I will:

Make decisions and act in the best interest of the Star Empire and the Community, without regard to personal consequences.

Overcome all challenges while adhering to the highest standards of personal conduct and decency.

My rank is my responsibility to the team. My support for members will always be present. As a member I have the right to choose to be part of the team and to serve at whatever capacity I may.

Every ranking officer shall uphold the responsibility entrusted to them to lead an individual or team.

Be loyal to the Star Empire by ensuring the resources entrusted to me are used in an honest, careful and efficient way.

The day-to-day duty of every man and woman in the "SEGA" is to join together as a team to improve the quality of our gameplay, our people and ourselves. I will:

Foster respect up and down the chain of command.

I will not bypass the chain of command for anyreason to see my personal goals are met

Care for the personal and spiritual well-being of the guild.

Show respect toward all people without regard to race, religion or gender.

Exhibit the highest degree of moral character, professional excellence, quality, and competence in all that I do.

"I will never forget that I am a member of "SEG", responsible for my actions,