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About Star Empire Gaming

The SEG Guild has been around for nearly 11 years, our ever growing community of dedicated members are here to help in any way we can. We play many games and have a strong influence in Star Trek Online, Ark Survival Evolved and many others. Now with the ambition to enlist as many soldiers to our ranks as possible, as we prepare for the launch and expansion of our guild into Star Citizen. We use Disocrd for voice communication, it is an integral part of our community. We have members from all over the world that come to hang out with us.

In the SEG we strive to uphold honor and respect towards others, we are a guild with the knowledge to expand and grow into new games. We want you to become part of the Star Empire so that we can help you expand your horizons while we broaden our own.

The Star Empire Will be mainly focused on an organizational archetype, meaning we will be dabbling in as many aspects of the Star Citizen universe as possible and eventually have a sub groups for each organization type available in game. We look forward to exploring this new universe with you.

The website will be updated as more content is released for Star Citizen, please use the forums and other tools we provide to help with your experience in game.

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